Our Core Values

These Five Core Values are the foundation of who we are. All of our people share these core values. They are the guide we use to hire, fire, reward, and recognize. People who share these core values will thrive at Alliant.

Continuous Learners – We are focused on learning and getting better every day. We take control of our education and we are always doing something to add to our expertise.

Dedicated Nerds - We have an uncompromising attention to detail and we geek out on Payroll and HR.

Team First Approach - We constantly try to help each other win. We put others needs ahead of our own and we get charged up when we get to brainstorm and solve problems with our teammates.

Relentless Optimists - We keep a positive attitude even in the midst of challenges. We have the mindset that there is always a good solution, we just need to find it. We view client problems as an opportunity to shine and show our value. 

Extreme Owners - When things go wrong, we look inside ourselves first. We do not point fingers at our co-workers or our clients. We solve the problem first, then we ask what we could have done differently? Or what can we do to prevent this from happening again?

Payroll Administrator

The Payroll Administrator is a member of the Alliant Payroll team that will ensure accurate processing and recording of Client’s payroll and provide timely and accurate financial information. This position will impact a rapidly growing organization and offers career development opportunities for the right candidate.

Sales Representative

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Alliant HR is looking to fill the position of Sales Representative with a focused, driven, self-starter to prospect, qualify, and bring on new clients to our payroll and human resource services. This is a monthly quota position that will have a base salary, a commission plan, and additional benefits.