HR Team

HR Connect Line

These physical and virtual cards will be distributed to your employees so they feel comfortable reaching out to communicate directly with their new HR Department.

Complete Exit Interviews

With each employee who leaves your company, Alliant’s HR Experts will learn as much information we can from them so that we can continue to make positive changes for your existing employees.

Manager Training & Development

We will begin to engage with your managers and supervisors to whatever degree you are comfortable with professional development as the focal point. We will help you identify potential leaders and begin to equip them to take on more responsibility.

Complete Workplace Investigations

When interpersonal HR issues arise, we will be the 3rd party to investigate, interview, and initiate an appropriate response from the leadership of the company.

Complete I-9 Audit

Our HR Experts will review and update your I-9 Forms to verify your employees’ eligibility for employment. We are not the Payroll Police or the Form Feds, we simply will bring your I-9’s into compliance so that you are not unnecessarily exposed to risk.