HR Guide

Create Employee Performance Reviews

You will receive the proven Alliant Performance Review System best practices, customized to your company for use throughout your organization.

Create Onboarding Process

From the employment offer letter to the end of a new employees first week, Alliant will design an impactful and thorough onboarding process for your people, with compliant best practices and practicality in mind.

Create Offboarding Process

Alliant will create a specific step by step process that will take a potentially awkward situation and help bring it to the most positive closure possible. We will customize a plan that respects employees and protects your business.

Onboarding Employees

We step in as early as possible to assist in bringing on new employees. We’re able to create an immediate impact on employee experience and take some of the responsibility off you and your team.

Offboarding Employees

No matter the circumstance, we can keep you in compliance and make an uncomfortable situation more manageable in the unfortunate event that someone leaves your team.

Employee Recognition Program Development

Our HR Professionals will collaborate with you to create a full program of recognition and reward that supports your core values as a company and reinforces the positive behaviors that you look for in your people on a daily basis.

Confidential Employee Survey

This confidential employee survey will help you gain valuable insights from your employees so that you can make positive change. Alliant will analyze the results and work with you to create an effective plan to move your company forward.

Create Job Descriptions

This tedious but important task of creating job descriptions will help protect your company and give your employees clear lines on the playing field. Each position will have a custom description that is compliant and useful.

Complete Employee Classification Audit

Non-exempt or Exempt? Salary or Hourly? This question will be clearly, legally answered for you to ensure compliance. We will present the results and recommendations of our analysis without being the heavy hand of compliance.

Employee Handbook Management

The Employee Handbook is your repository for all things employment related about your company. Alliant will take the time to create and maintain a custom handbook that you and your employees are happy to live by and reference when questions come up.

Create Employment Policies

These policies, whether part of the handbook or stand-alone, will help you respond to employee requests and questions in a consistent manner that protects your company first and foremost and serves your employees as well.

Personnel File Management

Your employee files will be digitized and organized into folders. This folder will serve as your destination for employee files going forward. We will assist you in the digital file management for all future employee documentation.