Time & Labor

Additional Training Materials & Courses

In two training sessions, your primary system supervisor will be trained on how to use your custom setup for maintaining your time and labor data. This includes how to add new employees, edit punch data, run reports, submit payroll and more.

Monthly Technical Support

Monthly support is provided to your primary system supervisor for handling issues and answering questions. A support ticket process begins on our website www.alliantoutsourcing.com for your supervisor to contact us with any issue.

Custom Script Writing & Setup

Custom Scripting your company setup may be necessary to automate Accruals, Breaks, Holidays, and more. Your setup fee includes the setup of custom scripts, but changes to scripts after the initial setup may include additional fees.

Track Accruals

Accrual categories like PTO, vacation, and sick will be setup according to your company policy. When employees take time off in an accrual category, balances will update automatically and show accurately on their time card and online portal.

Employee App Access

You may allow your employees to access their Time & Labor portal through a mobile app. Depending on your preferred setup, restrictions can be customized to your preference.

Mobile Punch In/Out

You have the ability to setup mobile punch in/out, allowing your employees to utilize the mobile app for this function. Location tracking is available along with this feature utilizing GeoFencing, GeoTracking, and IP address requirements.

Time Off Requests

Within the mobile app or the standard web access, employees may submit time off requests for approval by supervisors. Once approved, timecards are automatically updated.

Time Off Approval Process

Supervisors can be notified by email when Time Off Requests have been submitted. They can review, approve, conditionally approve, reject requests and provide feedback to the employee through this electronic process.

Company Time Reporting

Standard and Custom Reports are available in multiple file formats including excel and adobe pdf and can be used for everything from payroll data submission to hourly labor tracking, OT analysis, and any other data points within the system.

PTO Balance Tracking

Accrual balances are tracked and managed automatically, based on the initial setup and employee activity. Visibility of balances is available in real-time to employees and supervisors within the mobile app or desktop application.

Punch Type Customization

Custom punch prompts can be created for many different reasons. Requiring employees to provide department or specific task information upon clocking in or out can be setup and is available through the reporting feature.

Physical Clocks (Basic, Biometric)

Fees Vary

In addition to the standard web based time clock, physical clocks are also available. Biometric finger print scanners, optical scanners, and fab or key card controls are among the many available options as well.

GeoTracking & GeoFencing

Fees Vary

GeoTracking and GeoFencing are available options for visibility on employee location. Restricting employees to specific locations to punch in or out, or simply tagging the location used can provide improved visibility of employee activity.

Key Fabs, Key Cards, ID Cards

Fees Vary

Key Fabs, Key Cards, and ID Cards are all available options if desired. These can provide added security and help eliminate buddy punching if this is a concern.