Payroll Management

Being “close” on your payroll doesn’t work, and tax agencies don’t give points for trying. Our standard is 100% accuracy, and our standard is to deliver that with a great attitude.

If we make a mistake, we fix it the way you would want it to be fixed, no questions asked.

Don’t worry, transitioning to Alliant is the easiest in the industry, we have perfected it over the years, and we can’t wait to show you how simple it can be! (Your team won’t even notice)

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Dedicated Payroll Administrator

You will have the support of an entire team of experts, but your communication will be through one consistent point of contact for your payroll. You will be able to contact them via phone and email anytime.

Payroll Compliance Consulting

Your main point of contact for payroll is a certified expert with American Payroll Association credentials. That person will be able to guide you through the changing landscape of payroll compliance.

State Agency Deposits & Returns

Alliant will accurately calculate all payroll tax deposits for state and local agencies nationwide. We prepare and submit all state and local payroll tax returns.

Federal Agency Deposits & Returns

Alliant will accurately calculate all payroll tax deposits for all federal agencies. We prepare and submit all federal payroll tax returns.

Employee Payroll Deduction Setup

Your payroll expert will accurately enter all benefit and non-benefit related employee deductions and pay items. Most importantly, we will properly determine the taxability of each pay and deduction item.

Per Pay Period Reporting

With each pay period, employee and employer reports will be generated and delivered to the corresponding portal for accurate recordkeeping.

Custom Reporting

Custom reporting is available to you at the employee and employer level. We will work with you to create the report package that you need for each pay period.

Employee & Employer Portal Access

Employee and Employer reports will be available through a password protected portal that is available through a desktop computer and mobile application.

Agency Notice Management

You may receive mail from local, state, and federal agencies. When you do, you can simply scan and send a copy to us and we will work with you to resolve it.

On Cycle Bonus Checks

Alliant will include regular gross bonuses added to normal scheduled payrolls for no charge. Off pay period bonuses or grossed up bonuses will carry their own fees according to the normal fee schedule.

Employee Pay Options

You and your employees will have options on how your employees are paid, whether live checks from Alliant, direct deposit, pay cards, or live checks written in-house.

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New Hire Reporting & SSN Verification

$5.00 Per Instance

Alliant will handle all New Hire Reporting to the applicable state agency and verify social security numbers with the Social Security Administration.

Retirement Vendor Payments

$5.00 Per Instance

We will properly calculate and send payments with both employee contributions and employer matching funds (when applicable). We will include a retirement contributions report to your vendor.

Garnishment Payments

$5.00 Per Instance

Once we are provided with the garnishment order, Alliant will setup and issue garnishment payments via live check each pay period required agency or vendor.

W-2/1099 Processing & Filing

$10.00 Per Instance

For Employees or Contractors paid through payroll, we issue year-end W-2’s and/or 1099’s to your employees and contractors. We will also electronically file W-2’s with Federal and State Agencies as required, 1099 electronic filing varies based on state.

Shipping Physical Checks

$25.00 Minimum Per Instance

If you prefer physical checks or pay stubs to be printed and shipped to you via UPS, this service is available for an additional charge.

Off Cycle Payrolls

Standard Per Pay Period Fees Apply

Bonus payrolls or other payrolls not in line with your schedule can be handled upon your request.

General Ledger Setup/Support/Upload

Fees Vary

If you require a General Ledger for cost allocation to different departments or accounts, this can be setup and handled each pay period.

Email Reports on Request

Fees Vary

Your reports will be automatically posted to your client portal, but if you prefer email, we can accommodate this request.

Pre-Processing Reporting

Fees Vary

Payroll Pre-Processing service allowing you to review your payroll reports prior to final processing is available.