Payroll Management

Being “close” on your payroll doesn’t work, and tax agencies don’t give points for trying. Our standard is 100% accuracy, and our standard is to deliver that with a great attitude.

If we make a mistake, we fix it the way you would want it to be fixed, no questions asked.

Don’t worry, transitioning to Alliant is the easiest in the industry, we have perfected it over the years, and we can’t wait to show you how simple it can be! (Your team won’t even notice)

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Payroll Administration

Our job begins when we receive employee information changes and the specifics for that pay period. We handle all pay types, deductions, 3rd party payments, garnishments, and anything else that you can throw at us. We calculate a complete gross to net and provide custom reporting to you and your CPA so that everyone is on the same page. We work very closely in a proactive approach with CPA firms at the end of the quarter and year in order to take full advantage of retirement plans and tax strategies as those professionals see fit.

Employee Pay Options

This is exactly as it sounds, employees will have options on how they prefer to be paid. We provide live checks, direct deposits, and pay cards. Every employee will also receive access to a personalized online portal to view their pay stubs and make changes to their W-4.

Payroll Tax Filings

The Payroll Tax Filing piece of this process is the most complex, and the most important. Alliant will take the responsibility of depositing all local, state, and federal taxes as well as file the corresponding returns when they are due. We won’t ask clients for signatures, or to mail anything in. We completely prepare, sign, and file all returns for our clients and will handle any questions that come along the way. This is where we set ourselves apart, when there is an issue to be resolved it gets resolved 100% of the time, 100% correctly.

Year-End Reporting

We create all year-end forms for employees and employers, including W-2’s, W-3’s, 1099’s, as well as 1094’s and 1095’s for our HR Clients who are required to do so. All year-end forms are delivered in hard copies as well as electronic versions that are delivered to the employee and employer portals.

Timekeeping & Time-Off Tracking

Payroll begins with time tracking, and for those businesses who don’t have a good timekeeping system, payroll will always be a burden. We consult on changes to processes in order to simplify the lives of employees and employers, and to improve the payroll function. From timekeeping to scheduling to time-off tracking, our solution has you covered.

Forms & Files

As an employer, you often spend time looking for certain payroll forms that you don’t think about until an employee asks, we handle that for you. You will have 24/7 access to payroll forms that will keep you compliant and confident about the way your employees are being paid. We will also provide you with a secure portal to store any of these items in for your convenience. You can rest assured that you’ll have a true partner, not just a tool to use for taking care of your employees when it comes to payroll.